Unilei Customer Terms & Conditions


Unilei ApS (Unilei) is a company based in Denmark with the registration number: 39175606. Unilei is a Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) accredited Legal Entity Identifier Issuer, also referred to as Local Operating Unit (LOU).

Unilei register, maintain, renew and publish Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) for and on behalf of customers that are legal entities, e.g. companies, organizations etc. (Legal Entity). The LEI services are performed in according to GLEIF terms and conditions.

Unilei’s terms and conditions govern the use of Unilei’s LEI service and must be accepted by the Legal Entity when using Unilei services. The Unilei LEI service is available via the website: https://www.unilei.com (Unilei website).

With the acceptance of these terms and conditions the Legal Entity and Unilei enters into an agreement where the Legal Entity authorise Unilei to manage the Legal Entity’s LEI activities, including registration, maintenance, transfer, renewal, and publishing in the Global LEI System (GLEIS).

A Signee shall accept the terms and conditions on behalf of the Legal Entity. The Signee shall be duly authorised to act on behalf of the Legal Entity. Attestation of the authority of the Signee may be requested by Unilei.

The Legal Entity shall provide requested information regarding the Legal Entity to Unilei. The Legal Entity is obliged to supply true, full, authentic information and that duly authorisation has been granted.

The provided information shall be duly dated and signed. The Unilei website facilitate this process.

Unilei verify whether the provided information is sufficient for the completion of the registration or renewal of the Legal Entity’s LEI Record. The LEI Record is the Legal Entity reference data required by GLEIS to issue and maintain the LEI. Unilei may be required by mandatory law or per internal controls to change Legal Entity Reference Data.

Unilei reserve the right to contact the Legal Entity for further information.

A Legal Entity may only have one LEI. The LEI shall be renewed each 12 months to remain valid (GLEIS Registration Status = Issued). Lack of renewal, dissolvement of the Legal Entity, or incorrect data may cause the LEI to become invalid.

Unilei notify the Legal Entity via email. It is the Legal Entity’s responsibility to ensure the provided email address is correct, valid, and able to receive emails from the Unilei.com domain. Proactive whitelisting of the Unilei domain at the Legal Entity mail server is recommend.

The contractual language will be applied for any formal notice. Unless agreed otherwise, all communications will be in English.

The Legal Entity allow Unilei to publish LEI Record Data in the GLEIS Global LEI Index.

New LEI issuance

The price and expected delivery time of issuance of New LEI is listed on the Unilei website.

Unilei perform the registration without undue delay.

The Legal Entity is notified:

  1. When the LEI is issued, available for use and made public available Global Legal Entity Identifier Index at the website https://www.gleif.org/en/ (Global LEI Index).
  2. When it is time to renew the LEI.
  3. If data is missing or needs to be verified.

LEI renewal

According to GLEIF requirements the LEI must be renewed each 12 months to remain active. The information related to the LEI must be validated or updated. The LEI doesn’t change when renewed. When renewed the LEI is valid for further 12 months. The Legal Entity is notified when renewal is completed.

Price and expected delivery time of LEI renewal service is listed on the Unilei website.

A non-lapsed LEI will be renewed with additional 12 months from its current Next Renewal Date, no matter when the renewal is ordered (no loss of validity period).

Unilei offer two types of renewal agreements: Single year renewal and multiple year renewal agreement.

Single year renewal

In due time before renewal is required Unilei will notify the Legal Entity by email regarding the need for renewal. Reminders of renewal will be sent frequently until lapse of LEI to prevent unintentional LEI lapse. Renewal of LEI may be ordered via the Unilei website, and the payment method can be selected.

The Legal Entity is notified when the LEI has been renewed.

Multiple year renewal

For multiple year renewal agreements, the Legal Entity is informed about upcoming renewal. The Legal Entity may be requested to confirm data to complete the renewal. If requested to confirm data the Legal Entity shall respond according to the instruction in the request in order to ensure renewal can be completed. Lack of response may cause the LEI to lapse.

The Legal Entity is notified when the renewal is completed.

When the multiple year renewal agreement is about to expire the Legal Entity is notified and may enter into a new renewal agreement.

Multiple year renewal may also be ordered independently or as part of the issuance of a New LEI.

Transfer of LEI management to Unilei

The transfer of LEI management to Unilei can be initiated at the Unilei website by selecting the transfer service. If the Next renewal Date is less than 60 days from date of the ordering of transfer service, then the Legal Entity is required to renew the LEI as part of the transfer process. Renewal is charged according to the pricelist on the Unilei website.

The contact information of the transfer request may be shared with current managing LEI issuer to verify the transfer request and meet the GLEIS requirements to the transfer process.

Transfer of LEI management away from Unilei

The transfer of LEI management away from Unilei is free of charge and may be initiated via another accredited LEI issuer. Outstanding payments shall be settled before a transfer is completed.

GLEIF reserves the right to request transfer of the LEI to another LOU.

Legal Entity Events and data accuracy

The Legal Entity shall notify Unilei, via Unilei website or email, of any Legal Entity Event having actual or potential influence on the LEI or the Legal Entity reference data in the LEI Record. The provided Legal Entity Event data is updated in the GLEIS by Unilei. The Legal Entity is not charged for updates based on Legal Entity Events. An update of a Legal Entity Event doesn’t extent the Next Renewal Date.

A non-exhaustive list of examples of Legal Entity Events are Change of entity name, addresses, legal form, transformation of legal status and dissolution.

If the Legal Entity become aware that LEI Record data is lacking or incorrect then Legal Entity shall promptly notify Unilei.

GLEIS may challenge Unilei on the Legal Entity LEI record data being inaccurate. If the data is challenged the Legal Entity shall respond to Unilei’s request to clarify the challenged data.

Document service

Some LEI data registrations require the Legal Entity to provide documents e.g.  annual financial accounts. Unilei may offer to retrieve these documents on behalf of the Legal Entity as an extra service. A charge for this service may apply. The Legal Entity is not charged for the document service without prior agreement.


Payment must be made prior to the delivery of service unless otherwise agreed.

Unilei accepts payment by credit card or bank transfer. In addition to the agreed price, the legal entity bears any costs and fees to complete the payment to Unilei.

The payment is charged to the Legal Entity unless a different Legal Entity is provided as invoice contact.

If the Legal Entity paying for the LEI service shall be different from the Legal Entity being registered or renewed, e.g. a third-party like attorney or accounting company, then the Legal Entity information for the paying Legal Entity must be registered via the Unilei website registration form in the section related to invoice information.

The invoice is sent to the email provided by the Legal Entity or by other electronic service where available. Available options are presented at the Unilei website.  

The order may be cancelled until the registration or renewal process is initiated by Unilei.

If the registration or renewal cannot be completed due to missing information, Unilei shall request the Legal Entity to provide the required information. If the Legal Entity doesn’t supply the required information within 15 business days, Unilei is entitled to full payment for the service all though an active LEI is not delivered.

If the Entity information in the Global LEI index is challenged and if the information isn’t verified or corrected, then the LEI may become inactive.

Payment is neither partly nor fully refunded if the LEI becomes inactive or the Legal Entity, for any reason, doesn’t use the LEI. Payment is neither partly nor fully refunded if changes to GLEIS are made or GLEIS cease to operate.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Unilei is resident in Denmark. VAT is charged in compliance with the Danish/EU rules and regulations. It is the invoiced Legal Entity’s sole responsibility to claim a VAT refund if the Legal Entity is entitled to such refund. Unilei provides an invoice. All other activities and documents necessary to claim a VAT refund rely on the Legal Entity.

Legal Entity resident in Denmark

A Legal Entity resident in Denmark is charged Danish VAT of 25%.

Legal Entity resident in another EU member state than Denmark

If the Legal Entity enters their VAT number in the payment process and Unilei can validate the VAT number, then VAT is not charged by Unilei. The sale is subject to reverse charge. The Legal Entity is liable for VAT.

If Unilei cannot verify the validity of the entered VAT number, 25% VAT is added to the invoice amount and must be paid by the Legal Entity to Unilei.

Legal Entity resident in non-EU member state.

A Legal Entity residing in a non-EU member state is not charged VAT.

Jurisdictions served

Unilei is accredited by GLEIF as LEI issuer in certain specific jurisdictions. If the LEI service ordered by the Legal Entity is outside Unilei’s accredited jurisdictions, Unilei shall offer the Legal Entity to perform the LEI service as LEI agent on behalf of the Legal Entity. The Legal Entity shall be notified clearly if the service request shall be performed by Unilei as LEI agent and not as accredited LEI issuer. If the LEI agent approach is accepted by the Legal Entity, then Unilei cooperates with an accredited LEI issuer to provide the requested LEI service. Unilei notify the Legal Entity about LEI status and progress. The Legal Entity pays Unilei for the service performed. The LEI service delivered is global valid and GLEIS compliant.

Intellectual Property Rights

Given that the LEI Record is comprised of only publicly available data, both the Legal Entity and Unilei agree that the LEI Record is not covered by copyrights under the Revised Berne Convention, and neither by any other intellectual property rights.

Privacy Policy

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data also called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies.

Data collected, processed, and shared when handling Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) mainly concerns information on companies, defined as Legal Persons. LEI information is made publicly accessible by public authorities. Most data collected is exempted from GDPR protection regulation. All data is processed with care and securely.

Communication between user and online services are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted for user privacy protection.

Unilei collects and stores information on Legal Entity representative by name, phone number and e-mail address. These are, according to Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation’s (GLEIF) demands, kept for ten years.  When demanded by GLEIF system, these data are shared with GLEIF, Local Operating Units (LOU) and their partners. The information is used by Unilei for communication about LEI service.

When using payment cards, payment data is exchanged between the payment service provider and the customer only. Payment service is provided by Stripe. Information on payments is handled according to current legislation.

Force Majeure

In no event shall the Unilei be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations (excluding payment obligations) arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond Unilei's reasonable control, including without limitation strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes or acts of God, and interruptions, loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software or hardware) services.

Duration and Termination

The duration of the agreement shall last, notwithstanding termination, as long as the Legal Entity exists and as long as Unilei exists, whichever is shorter.

Termination, shall be possible in the event of:

  1. A transfer of the Legal Entity's LEI to a different accredited LEI issuer or to GLEIF.
  2. The Legal Entity abandoning its status as Legal Entity with an LEI.
  3. A deprivation of the LEI due to non-compliance of the Legal Entity with requirements of re-validation.

Termination with immediate effect for cause in the event of severe or repeated violation of contractual duties, for which no cure is possible, or cure has been refused despite a reasonable cure period.

Termination with immediate effect by the Unilei, and without any liability of Unilei for any damages caused by such termination, if the GLEIF accreditation of Unilei as LEI issuer is terminated.


The agreement is made between two legal Entities and shall in all respects be governed by Danish rules and laws alone. Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with, these terms and conditions, shall be settled in Denmark.

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply.

Unilei is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses related to the use of, registration of, or failing usability of the LEI.

The Legal Entity approves that the provided information is used, transferred, and published in accordance with the GLEIF terms and conditions (www.gleif.org).


Unilei ApS
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Version: 15-08-2022